Taking your money to a smarter place

Markets are volatile. Constant adjustment is necessary.

Traditional asset management strategies have effectively ceased providing satisfactory returns. A more complex approach has been made crucial to achieving investment targets. This should include the whole range of financial products, ranging from the simplest to the most complex, as well as the use of alternative strategies. At Iolcus Investments we know markets. We have proved it. We are here to protect your assets with smart solutions, with transparency in transaction costs and local know-how in tax optimization, diligently looking after your portfolio without denying you full control over your assets; always ready to help you with all your investment needs.

Philosophy Iolcus - Wealth Management


We strive for innovation and we reject one-size-fits-all solutions. We do not copy strategies but we frame and propose options tailored to our clients’ needs, always mindful of local regulatory restrictions, tax considerations and country risks.

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Team Iolcus Investments


We select the people working for Iolcus Investments very carefully. After all, it is their focus on knowledge, a sense of responsibility, and their ethics that are the foundations on which one of the fastest growing investment firms in Greece is built.

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Investment Advisory & Management

Asset Management - Iolcus Investmens

Asset Management

Discretionary portfolio management requires consistency, discipline and responsibility from the manager. We invest in all financial instruments within highly liquid markets where we face no information disadvantage compared to the local institutional investors. We manage our clients’ assets in an environment of continuous risk monitoring, following procedures that are normally only reserved for large institutional portfolios.

Investment Advice Iolcus - Iolcus Wealth Management

Investment Advisory

Our investment advice services are based on the same principles that permeate our discretionary asset management. Investment advice mandates require as much discipline in following the financial planning agreed with the client. This is needed to allow the manager to focus on the level of desired returns while not losing track of the client’s risk tolerance, their investment time horizon and other factors like liquidity needs etc. However, unlike with discretionary portfolio management, the investor’s explicit consent is required before each and every transaction.

Apolis Funds

Alternative Investment Funds

Apolis Funds Investment philosophy & characteristics - Iolcus Investments

Investment philosophy and characteristics

The Apolis funds share fundamental principles and characteristics.

Apolis Global Macro 1 - Iolcus Wealth Management

Apolis Global Macro 1

Significant potential for non-correlated investment positions.
Focusing on absolute returns.

Apolis Hellenic - Investment Services & Wealth Management - Iolcus

Apolis Hellenic

Exposure to the Greek market at a reduced volatility level.