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Choose your prefered custodian bank and entrust your funds’ management and growth to us.


Client assets are held separately on personal accounts with highly rated banks acting as custodians. By distinguishing the Custodian from the Investment Manager we eschew conflicts of interest between providers of financial products and the investment manager/advisor. Iolcus Investments is a privately owned asset management firm that is run by its owners. This independence allows us to choose the financial instruments and products that are aligned with our clients’ individual interests and thus ensure a commensurate risk/return exposure.

Asset Management - Iolcus Investments

Asset Management

Discretionary portfolio management requires consistency, discipline and responsibility. We invest in all financial instruments within highly liquid markets where we face no information disadvantage compared to the local institutional asset managers.

Investment Advisory - Iolcus Wealth Management

Investment Advisory

Our investment advice services are based on the same principles as our discretionary management. Client’s consent is required on each individual investment proposal. That makes advice more suitable to investors who have the experience and feel comfortable making the final decision.

Quality is never an accident;
is always the result of intelligent effort John Ruskin

writer and critic, 1819-1900