Apolis Global Macro 1

Seeking absolute returns

Target: To achieve a net absolute average annual return of 5% over the recommended holding period of 5 years, with an average annual volatility of 7%.

Investment methodology: It focuses on fixed income securities using directional positions. Expected returns are compared with the relevant historical volatility of the basic asset classes and, along with the restriction of the average volatility at 7%, the alternative investment combinations are evaluated and the optimal ones are chosen (with or without leverage). The selection of the individual securities is carried out on a bottom-up basis.

Investment universe: Bonds, stocks, derivatives, G7 and other European market ETFs, Eurobonds issued by emerging market governments and companies and, in exceptional circumstances, local currency-denominated bonds.

Risk management: Target average volatility of 7%, sufficient diversification within every asset class and sector, maximum exposure to currencies other than the Euro set at 30%.

Key Information Document for Apolis Global Macro-1

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