Investment Advisory

Commensurate risk/return exposure

Our investment advice services are based on the same principles that permeate our discretionary asset management. Investment advice mandates require the discipline of financial planning, namely the focus on every client’s return target as well as on their risk tolerance and their timeframe. The principal difference of this service is that client’s consent is required on each individual investment decision. Investment advice mandates are more suitable to investors who have the requisite investment experience and feel comfortable evaluating the impact of accepting or rejecting investment proposals to their risk/return profile. Every time a proposal increases or decreases the overall exposure to risk, the overall level of risk is reassessed again and is compared to the risk limits that have been set.

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Discretionary Asset Management

Discretionary portfolio management requires consistency, discipline and responsibility. We invest in all financial instruments within highly liquid markets where we face no information disadvantage compared to the local institutional asset managers.

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