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Privacy Policy

Iolcus Investments AIFM Single Member S.A. (hereby the “Company”) bases its corporate activity on the principles of legality, transparency and confidentiality, guaranteeing the trust of clients, employees and partners. With this document we aim to help you understand the processing practices of our Company regarding the personal data that are collected by us or communicated to us when you visit/use this website at

With the present policy we commit to the maintenance of strict confidentiality on the side of the Company regarding your personal data.

The processing and protection of the personal data of the visitor/user of our website is governed by the terms of this privacy policy and the provisions of the legal framework in respect to the protection of individuals from the processing of personal data.

Amendments to the policy

We retain the right to amend the current privacy policy with no prior notice, at any given time and for whichever reason, as for example, pursuant to a change in the legal framework. We advise you to periodically go over this policy for potential changes.

You agree that your access and use of this website following any and all amendments to this policy, constitutes your approval and acceptance of said amendment.

Processing of personal data

Data allowing the identification of persons

The Company collects personal data when the visitor/user willingly provides them in order to serve its transactional relationship or to be informed about the services provided by the Company and the improvement of those services. The personal data that can be collected could possibly contain: full name, residential address, e-mail address and contact telephone numbers.

Depending on the occasion and the provided data the website is protected with a password and, consequently, when you enter the website by providing your password, the website will recognize who you are. The use of the password is a proof of access to the website by you. The Company, in order to ensure the effectiveness of its website automatically records data from the electronic equipment used, including the IP addresses of the visitors/users of the website, as well as data from “cookies” that it sends and installs on the computers of said persons. The “cookies” do not have access to your computer nor are they aware of any document or file on your computer. The “cookies” provide us with the ability to detect the manner of navigation of the visitors/users on our website.

The company is constantly doing its utmost so that the use of this data by its employees is carried out with the maximum of confidentiality possible, with professional diligence and in agreement with the legislation in force.

The company does not distribute, publicize, transfer or notify third parties about the personal data of the website’s users, unless it has the consent of the user or that is imposed by a judicial or public authority and always in accordance with the current legislation.

The Company is undertaking every appropriate, organizational and technical measure in order to ensure the confidentiality of the processing, the security of the data and its protection from any accidental or involuntary destruction, loss, alteration, prohibited dissemination or access and any other form of illicit processing . The Company owns strict security systems, designed to deter unauthorized access to the data of visitors/users, including access to the data by Company’s unauthorized

General Data

We have the ability to record certain usage data, such as the number and frequency of visits to our website. The potential use of this statistical data will be only on an aggregate basis for the improvement of our website, according to its users’ needs.

Service providers

It is possible that we will use external service providers, who will be responsible for the function of our website. You are providing your consent for the possible access of those persons to data that you enter into our website and which would allow for your identification. The Company is undertaking every possible effort to make the current policy respected by its external partners. These individuals do not have a right to use data that would allow for the identification of users for any purpose other than the completion of the work or project that has been assigned to them and are committed to maintain discretion and confidentiality.

Electronic Mail and Marketing

The Company will not distribute, publicize or disseminate the electronic addresses of the visitors/users, nor will provide your personal data to third parties for use with the intention of promoting their sales. We advise you to not send any personal data through unsafe means of correspondence, including public non-secured electronic means of communication, such as internet mail, which generally is not safe. Use the secure server that is made available at this website.

Third party websites

The Company is neither responsible for third party websites which are connected with its own website, nor for privacy policies and data provision policies that are applied by these third parties.


The Company is protecting your personal data upon entry to the website by demanding the use of internet browsing software that supports the generally accepted encryption standard SSL with a 128-bit key. The characterization “128-bit” refers to the length of the digital key used to encrypt the transferred data, keeping in mind that a longer digital key length represents increased security.

Personal Data protection, Rights of the Subject, Communication

If you have any questions regarding this privacy policy or the practices that are relevant to the processing of personal data, please contact us at the address or at 210 723 3340.

The subject of the data is aware that the Company is processing personal data in accordance with law 2472/97. The subject of the data is giving its express and unreserved consent to the processing of its personal data. Moreover, he expressly consents to the transfer of such data to third parties, as well as, the relevant public supervisory, tax and judicial authorities, if that is requested, in accordance always with the legal and regulatory provisions in force.

Every subject has the right, according to article 12 of law 2472/97 (Right to Access), to know whether his personal data are or have been processed, the purpose of their processing, the recipients and the progress of the processing since his last briefing. Furthermore, he has the right, according to article 13 of law 2472/97 (Right to Objection), to oppose at whichever time he chooses the processing of the data that concern him, submitting a request to the Company for a specific action, such as the correction, temporary suspension of use, freeze of use, non-transfer or deletion. For that purpose, any possible requests must be addressed in writing to the Company at the address 4, Vassilissis Sofias Avenue, 10674, Athens, Greece.