Why Iolcus

We make your life easier

Successful track record
Iolcus was founded by the key people behind P&K Securities, the firm that rose to become the largest independent financial institution in the Greek market from 2003 to 2007. P&K Group was acquired by the National Bank of Greece in 2007.

Independent from banking groups
Iolcus investments is a privately-owned company, run by its shareholders. This independence gives us the freedom to be the ones who choose the financial instruments we invest in as well as the brokers and custodians we invest with. The sole criterion we ever take into account is our clients’ concerns, free from conflicts of interest.

Low costs
Our clients enjoy the premium pricing schemes that Iolcus has achieved in their name, because of its size, with our network of custodians and brokers. Hence, when investing with Iolcus, you will always get the treatment normally reserved for High Net Worth Individuals with tens of millions in their portfolios.

Absolute alignment with your interests
The fees on the funds you invest with us and, in particular, the success fees, explicitly align the interests of the manager with those of the client. Iolcus does not make any revenue on transactions and hence has no motive to carry out unnecessary transactions.

Specialization in managing absolute return portfolios
We have a particularly successful track record in managing “absolute return” portfolios. These are portfolios that target a specific return instead of tracking stock or bond indices.

Confidentiality and Data Security is an integral and non-negotiable part of our business.