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Terms of use

The visitor/user of Iolcus Investments AIFM Single Member S.A. website (hereafter “the Company”) ought to read carefully the terms of use before any visit or use and in case of a disagreement with any of its terms, he must refrain from the website’s use. Otherwise, it is presumed that he accepts unconditionally, fully and unreservedly these terms which refer to the website’s content, in its totality.
The present terms of use can be modified at any time without warning. You agree to read the present terms regularly. If you continue to use the website it is presumed that you accept the respective modifications.

Exclusion of a proposal to provide services
The content of this website cannot be used or considered directly or indirectly as an invitation, inducement or proposal for the provision of services by the Company nor as investment advice. Provision of services by the Company occurs only on the basis of the existing legal and regulatory framework and solely following the signature of a Service Contract, according to the terms contained within the said Contract.

No provision of guarantees
Information contained in this website are published in good faith but without any declaration or guarantee made on behalf of the Company or any other individual concerning their accuracy or correctness and the users should not base their investment decisions on them. The Company bears no responsibility on any damages that result from the use of the provided information. The users recognize and accept that they have to consult tax, financial and legal consultants of their choice for their investment choices and decisions.

The Company does not assume any responsibility and offers no guarantees as to the unimpeded, continuous or flawless operation of this website, the immediate repair of any possible flaws, the non-attack of this website or the server by viruses or other elements that might cause failures. The Company is not responsible for any damage that might occur in the technical equipment or the user’s software because of the use of this website, such as from the infection of the computer by viruses.

The Company is not responsible in the case of interference of its website by third parties.

Non-guaranteed return on investments
The Company draws your attention to the following:

  • Previous returns do not ensure future ones.
  • Fluctuations can be particularly significant, especially in portfolios that follow models with significant variability.
  • The value of investments can be abruptly and significantly reduced.

Visitors’/Users’ Responsibility
You accept and agree that you assume the responsibility to maintain any passwords strictly granted to you and/or your representatives for personal use only secure and secret. Passwords are not allowed to be communicated to third parties; in the case that a specific password is leaked, you are obliged to immediately change it, utilizing the existing, in the website, application for that purpose.

The users of this website visit the webpage on their own initiative and are responsible for their compliance with the relevant legislation and regulatory regulations. The visitors/users of the webpage especially ought to comply with the legislation governing telecommunications and refrain from any illegal, abusive or undue behavior or practice.

The visitor/user is responsible for any damage incurred by the Company due to the illegal or undue use of the webpage or generally any violation of the current terms and legislation. In case the Company is implicated in any legal dispute or is called upon to grant any sort of compensation or fine due to the violation of the obligations of the visitor/user, the latter is obliged to compensate the Company.

Visitors/users of the webpage are responsible for the use of any hyperlinks within this website, which are only referred to for the purpose of information and convenience, without the Company’s provision of any approval of the third party’s websites of third parties or their content. . We recommend that you read carefully the terms of use or the privacy policy of the websites to which a hyperlink exists.

Electronic Mail
The Internet is not a secure means of communication. Data sent through electronic mail might have been altered, lost or received with delay. We advise you to not send any private personal information through non-secured means of correspondence, including public electronic venues of communication, such as, for example, internet-mail, which in general terms is not secure. Use the secure server provided in this website.

Regulatory framework
You can have access to the legal and regulatory framework that governing the provision of investment and related services at the webpage of the Hellenic Capital Markets Commission: (

Intellectual and Industrial Property
The entirety of the content of our website, including, indicatively, without limitation trade names, trademarks, signs, texts, news, graphics, photos, diagrams, illustrations and in general any type of file is the property of the Company and/or third parties and is protected by the relevant provisions of the legislation in force. Any copying, transfer or creative production based on the content of this webpage or misleading of the public with regards to the real owner of the relevant rights is strictly prohibited, The reproduction, republication, storage, transmission, distribution, upload, translation or any other use of the content with whatever ways or means, even in part or in summary, is allowed only after the receipt of the Company’s written consent and/or any other owner of the relevant rights.

Personal Data
By accepting these terms, you are providing your express consent for the processing (such as the registration and storage of your personal data and information in an archive by the employees of the relevant departments of the Company) that is declared to the Company by you via the Internet.

It is possible that your telephone conversations are recorded for reasons pertaining to the protection of the transactions and the capital market.

For more information, we refer you to the Personal Data Protection Policy.


Applicable law and Jurisdiction
These terms are governed by Greek Law. Whatever difference possibly occurs in relation to the context and/or use of this webpage will be resolved extra-judicially. Otherwise, the Courts of Athens shall be exclusively competent for the resolution of any dispute.

This website has been created by Iolcus Investments AIFM Single Member S.A., which has been licensed by the Hellenic Capital Markets Commission (license number 591/07.07.2011). Iolcus Investments AIFM Single Member SA is a Limited Company for the Provision of Investment Services, registered in the General Commercial Registry with the number 117631101000. The lawful headquarters of the Company are in Athens, 4, Vassilissis Sofias Avenue, 10674, Athens.

For any clarification regarding these terms or any other information, you can reach the Company at 2107233340 or at its email address,