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Fiduciary Management

Investment governance solution

Fiduciary Management is an investment governance solution by which a pension fund delegates the investment function to an investment expert (the fiduciary manager).
In practical terms the Fiduciary manager is fully responsible for the Investments function of the Fund, or in other words, is the delegated Chief Investment Officer. While the Fund’s Board sets the strategic goals and restrictions for managing the Fund’s assets, the Fiduciary Manager translates these goals into specific risk-return targets, sets the appropriate investment mandates and executes all investments decisions of the Investment Committee. Has also the mandate to oversee all advisors and investment managers and act only for the benefit of the Fund.

The good Fiduciary Manager adopts a holistic investment approach, contributes to good governance and closely advises the BoD.
Duties include:

  • Contribution to Asset Liability Study
  • Strategic Asset Allocation
  • Tactical Asset Allocation
  • Asset Manager Selection, Monitoring and Evaluation
  • Portfolio Consolidation and day-to-day monitoring
  • Performance Analytics, Risk Analytics

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