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Terms of use of the Iolcus Investments’ (the “Company”) Social Media pages

We want to thank you for visiting our social media accounts’ pages, through which we communicate what is new with us along with anything else we think you might find interesting and informative. We kindly ask you to carefully read through the following terms of use of our social media accounts. If you disagree with them, please refrain from using our social media accounts’ pages. If you do not wish to receive updates from these accounts, please refrain from following them. In any other case it shall be presumed that you accept the terms completely and with no reservation and as a follower of the account you completely and without reservation accept the receipt of updates from the Company’s social media pages.

Disclaimer – Exclusion of advice: The content of these webpages is provided “AS IS,” without any guarantees, direct or indirect, regarding its accuracy, credibility, and clarity. The Company declines any responsibility to update the content of the webpages. In no case, including that of negligence, does any liability arise for the Company for any loss caused to the user in connection to the use of these pages. Hence, the user accepts that they must evaluate the posted content and that they are responsible for any risks that can be caused by the use of the content, including any decision made to depend on the accuracy, completeness and/or the usefulness of any content of the account pages.

The content of the account pages, including our opinions and views, is provided only for the purpose of informing, and it does not constitute a guarantee or indication as to the future returns of any financial instrument, sector, index, exchange rate or other economic factor. Past returns and predictions are not indicative of future ones. The content of the account pages is not investment advice and should not be the basis of any investment decisions made, the provision of investment advice or the execution of any transaction. The content of the pages cannot be used, or deemed as directly or indirectly as an invitation, promotion or proposal to provide services by the Company. The Company only provides services pursuant to an explicit written agreement to provide such services. Investments face investment risks.

Follower conduct: The follower of the account should be compliant with the provisions of Greek, European, and International Law and should refrain from any illegal and/or abusive use of the content of the account. Any damage caused to the account that is a result of the misuse or unlawful use by the follower falls within the sphere of their exclusive responsibility. The follower of the account ought not publicize any pornographic, lewd, sacrilegious, defamatory, insulting, threatening, illegal or other material that could be a criminal act in itself or incitement to behave in a way that could be a criminal act, cause civil liability or in any other way violate any provisions of the law. Even though the Company monitors the posts that happen under its account, it renounces any liability which might arise from their content, including, for example and not exclusively, any claims on the grounds of defamation, insult, blasphemy, impersonation or violation of intellectual property rights. We encourage the follower to behave politely and respectfully, to post their own original posts and to not post content which they know to be a product of fraud, to not post personal or confidential information, to not post the products of third-party intellectual property, unless with the third party’s consent. The Company reserves the right to delete directly and with no explanation to the follower posts that do not comply with the terms of use. It also reserves the right to block followers who do not comply with the terms of use. The Company’s profiles are public which means that any posts by followers are public, and can potentially show up in search engines’ results (e.g. Google). Due to the public nature of our account, and the ability of any one user to follow, we note here that users’ posts, or re-posts of our own posts, are not controlled, or monitored by us.

Intellectual and industrial property rights: The sum total of the content of the account, including but not limited to, texts, names, trademarks, logos, graphics, images, photographs, audio and video files, and in general any sort of computer file are the intellectual property of the Company and it governed by the national and international legal provisions on Intellectual Property, excluding the explicitly recognized rights of third parties.

Hyperlinks: The Company can provide hyperlinks to third-party webpages or accounts, who have the full control over the content that they post on those and hence the full civil and criminal liability for the safety of these webpages, their lawfulness and the validity of their content and services. Linking to other webpages occurs to facilitate our followers and in no case does it create any form of obligation for anyone. The products, services, and content of third parties are the intellectual and industrial property of those third parties, who bear the liability to respond to any claims arising from a possible violation of the rights of other persons, such as for example intellectual and industrial property rights etc, explicitly excluding any liability of the Company for the content or the security of these webpages. The follower recognizes that the Company is neither obliged, nor can check the security and the content of the webpages of third parties, for which a link is provided on our account. The follower has to directly address the providers of those webpages for any questions or other issues that arise from their use, and to comply with their terms of use.

Revisions/amendments to these terms: The Company reserves the right to review these terms of use at any point in time and for whatever reason, without prior announcement or obligation. The follower ought to check every time for potential changes and, so long as they continue to use the page is presumed, in any case, to accept the amended terms. Otherwise, they ought to refrain from using the webpage.

Personal data: Please do not post your or others’ personal information. The management and protection of the Personal Data of the user of the website is subject ot the Personal Data Protection Policy that can be found on our webpage, at

Communication: We will try to respond to any questions within a reasonable time, without however committing to responding to every post or comment that shows up under our account. For any questions, issues, or comments, you can visit our website at or send us an email at or call us at (+30) 210 723 3340.

Applicable law: These particular terms of use are governed by the provisions of Greek Law, the directives and regulations of European Law and is interpreted on the basis of good faith and honest practices. If some provision is found contrary to the law, and hence void or voidable, it automatically ceases to be in force, without, under any circumstances, prejudice to the rest of the terms. The competent court for any possible disputes in connection to these terms is exclusively the Athens Court.